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It’s 1905, automobiles have just been invented, and twelve-year-old Faire knows how to drive and repair the cars! When Faire’s mother has the opportunity to drive a Franklin touring car across the Wild West to the World’s Fair, she brings Faire along as her mechanic. What an exciting adventure! Can they make it? The land is rough, the weather unpredictable, the scenery spectacular, and dangers are everywhere. And why is there a beautiful, expensive ring hidden in the car? Can Faire solve the mystery? Join her on this fast-moving ride as she races through history

"Another exciting novel by Anne O'Brien Carelli that combines clever kids, action, history, and a mystery!"


"The second book in the World's Fair series is just as exciting as the first one, The Grand Illusion. I loved going on this journey with Faire as she drove across the rough country of the west without roads or maps, encountering wild animals, challenging weather, difficult terrain, and fascinating characters."

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A STEM Selection (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)

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