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In One Light, twelve-year-old Eleanor, a descendant of Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine, joins the WWII French Resistance. She is responsible for a group of Jewish children hiding in a monastery cellar, and befriends feisty Shoshana, one of the fugitive children. When Shoshana is kidnapped by the Germans, Eleanor sets out on a dangerous quest to rescue her new friend.


One Light is an action-packed story of friendship based on actual contributions of children to the French Resistance, written by the author of Skylark and Wallcreeper (Little Bee Books), a CYBILS Award Finalist and Mighty Girls 2018 Best Books of the Year.

"One Light is the marriage of beautiful prose, heart-rending friendships, and action-packed adventure in an unforgettable story. Featuring a fierce young heroine bravely resisting the Germans, a sweet friendship between two tenacious girls, and a link to the real-life historical contributions of children during the French Resistance, One Light will remind every reader (young or old) that they are courageous; they can do hard, impossible things; and they have within them the kind of inner strength that can change the world. Gripping, charming, extraordinary."


Rachel L. Toalson, author of The Colors of the Rain, In the Woods, and the Fairendale series.

"Highly recommend this fast-moving, compelling story that reveals the history of children involved in the Resistance in World War II."


Cynthia Mason, Social Studies Chair

“Once again, Anne O’Brien Carelli has written a page-turner that readers will love. One Light can be read all by itself but is also a perfect companion novel to Skylark and Wallcreeper.”

Melissa Borys, K-8 Librarian

Paperback & E-Book Now Available - Order Here

Middle Grade (ages 8+)    

Independently Published, ©2020  

ISBN-13: 979-8693076464


"I really loved this book. I though it was a super interesting perspective and it definitely made me want to learn more about the French Resistance. I also enjoyed the way this author writes, I can clearly tell the characters feels and emotions based on the words she used. I also really liked her descriptions of France. My favorite charater was Shoshana. I loved her fiery spirit and her persistence. I thought she was such a loveable character and I think the author did a great job of portraying her. (I will admit, I did cry when I thought she had been killed.) The last thing I wanted to mention is at the end of the book. I thought the epilogue was an excellent way to tie the book to a close. It was a satisfying ending that was very hopeful, it was written very well. 


Mrs. BOOKdragon #LitReview Student Review

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