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“Part history, part mystery, and all about family and friendship. The stories (and there are several) are brilliantly told. Highly, highly recommended.” 

(Reading Tub)


“For all of my fans of historical fiction, hands down you’ll want to check this one out. Similar to an Alan Grantz novel with its fearless characters and action driven plot line.”  



“Great historical fiction that gives a view of WWII that isn’t as prevalent in middle grade books. I would put it in the media center.” 

(The O.W.L. – Outrageously Wonderful Literature)


"Part modern survival story, part historical spy thriller, this fast-paced story explores the importance of family and friends at the most difficult times."

(A Mighty Girl)


“An adventurous tale that shows young people fighting for what they believe in, forging friendships and strengthening family relationships. I recommend for readers aged 9 to 12.”

(Mother-Daughter Book Club)


“Adults will enjoy this book as much as children in grades 3 through 7.” 

(Albany Times-Union)


Good Books Make Great Gifts

(Albany Times-Union - December 2018)


Becoming the Leaders: The Power of Female Protagonists 

(NCTE recommended reading list)

"One of my favorites because it had deep meaning to it and was something you could learn from."

Best Reads of 2018: Elyse's Small Readers in a Big World (student review) 




“The stories of 3 brave 12-year-olds who rise to the occasion to help out their communities in times of trouble." Read More

(The Brainstorm Plus Blog - Time Slip Books)

“The story should appeal to both girls and boys because of the action-packed plot. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the story."

(Historical Novel Society)


“This book gives insight into two different time periods within history while also highlighting two wonderful characters who display determination and selflessness.”

(Literacy on the Mind)


“Carelli’s parallel storylines plow deep into loyalties of friends, family and country and create two compelling portraits of heroes in action.”



“A very satisfying, compelling novel that examines the importance of friendship, family relationships, courage, and loyalty in the face of difficult and challenging times.”

(The Children’s War – A Guide to Books About World War II)


“In the escapades of Skylark and Wallcreeper, and in the kindness and perseverance of Lily, one sees the power of youthful idealism and hope.”

(The Pirate Tree – Social Justice and Children’s Literature)


“This book moved fast and was immensely readable. Students are going to love learning about this facet of WWII and they're especially going to love the characters of Lily and Collette - both incredibly brave and daring.” 

(Dartmouth Middle School Library Review)



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